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Premium swimwear and summer dresses brand with a special style.

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The Challenge

The brand experienced a downlift in the conversion rate and overall revenue. They spent more and more on ads but it barely moved the needle in their revenue uplift. They had very positive feedback from their customers about their swimwear, which meant the product was good, so there was room for improvement. So they decided to hire us as Shopify CRO experts to help them out.

Our approach

1. Align website design with the brand identity

Oceanus team needed a design that would truly represent its values and identity. The most important thing was to bring creativity to the website: fonts, colors, and images. We aimed to combine those elements into one big picture so that the visitors could feel the vibe of the brand. Generally, we made the website look more premium, clear, and creative.

2. Website speed optimization

When we first audited the website, we noticed that the website speed wasn't so good. The loading speed can greatly affect the conversion rates negatively. So we optimized images, and scripts loading, and removed recourses that were blocking the loading of the page. When the speed increased, we noticed an uplift in the conversion rate.

3. CRO process

We used our CRO process to identify and address current issues that visitors are experiencing. During our cooperation, we continuously gathered and analyzed data. Based on the insights we generated, we crafted hypotheses about what can be improved and how. We validated our ideas with A/B testing and learned more from it.

Our most successful discoveries were around shipping terms, product information, and navigation. We dramatically improved the UX for the PDPs and PLPs, as well as search functionality. All of that now provides the best browsing experience for Oceanus visitors.


Oceanus conversion rate before Oceanus AOV before


Oceanus conversion rate after Oceanus AOV after

The Result

After 3 months of working with us, Oceanus's conversion rate increased by 32% and AOV increased by 8%

"Pega Agency did a great job optimizing our website. Our conversion rates and overall revenue have grown since working with them.

Their attention to detail and ability to find and solve problems is undeniable. They were transparent in their process and always communicated effectively."

Oceanus Swimwear portfolio case study
Hannah Attalah

Founder of Oceanus

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