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Fun family board games for all ages.

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The Uzzle is a family board game brand. They offer multiple games, but their main one is The Uzzle Original. It is designed for all ages so that even the grandkids and grandparents play together and have fun.

The Challenge

The Uzzle approached us before the holiday period with a request to optimize their website. They felt like the website underperforms and there is a potential to increase conversion rate and AOV.

Our approach

1. Deep data analysis

Luckily, they had a lot of tools already set up: Clarity, GA4, Post-purchase surveys, etc. So without wasting any time, we dive deep into the data and user research to understand the main pain points and conversion blockers. We came up with insights and the testing roadmap for the next couple of months.

2. A/B testing

With a decent amount of traffic, we managed to conduct dozens of tests, with a stunning win rate of 34%. Below you can see the results after running a test for 1 month. In this test, we added an upsell on a product page. So not only the AOV increased by $4, but also the CVR - some visitors would rather have a bundle instead of a single product. All of that resulted in a 17.62% increase in Revenue per Visitor.

The Uzzle Test Results

Another successful test was about reordering the collection page and promoting the bundles first. It resulted in a 3.34% increase in Revenue Per Visitor and added around $16k of projected monthly revenue:

The Uzzle Test Results

We are still working with the Uzzle. But at the moment of writing this, we've conducted around 30 A/B tests with a 37% success rate (which is relatively high).

3. Landing Page

The main destination of all paid traffic was the product page. So we decided that there is a big opportunity in testing landing pages for their ads. See below an example of the landing page that we've built for The Uzzle:

The Uzzle Landing Page

Here's the link.


The CRO efforts led to a significant monthly revenue increase, amounting to nearly $80,000 across the various tests that we conducted in the 90 days.

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