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After 1000s hours spent on redesigns and testing, we know what will work for you.

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Blaq Luxury Hair portfolio case study
Blaq Luxury Hair

Store Redesign, Conversion Rate Optimization

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Oceanus Swimwear portfolio case study
Oceanus Swimwear

Store Redesign, Conversion Rate Optimization

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Into Gaia portfolio case study
Into Gaia

Wix to Shopify migration, UI/UX redesign, Shopify Development

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Alinari Firenze portfolio case study
Alinari Firenze

Laravel to Shopify migration, UI/UX redesign, Shopify Development, Conversion Rate Optimization

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Sparkea portfolio case study

UI/UX design, Shopify Development

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Furniture Brand portfolio case study
Furniture Brand

UI/UX design, Headless commerce development

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Car Retail Brand portfolio case study
Car Retail Brand

UI/UX design, Headless commerce development

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🛍️ Shopify Store Redesign & Setup

If you already have an online store but are not satisfied how it looks or sells, this service is for you. We do: analysis of the current website, mobile and desktop design in Figma, website copy, and full store setup.

📈 Conversion Rate Optimization

If you are not satisfied with your conversion rate and want to sell more through your website. We use your store data, A/B testing, and heatmapping to create the highest-converting version of your website.

🛬 Landing Page Development

We'll put your unique offer on the high-converging landing page. If you want to boost your revenue by creating a focused marketing campaign and clearly communicating the benefits of your product, we're here to help.

🚶 Migration To The Shopify

For brands who sell online but want to benefit from the highest converting platform in the world. No matter what platform you are on right now, we will migrate your store to the Shopify.

🕵️ Get Your FREE Website Audit Now

To get started, we offer you a free audit of your website or landing page. We will take a closer look at it and show you what and how can be improved to increase conversions.

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Personalized approach

Top quality & attention to details

Charge you a ton of money

Cheering for you

Make your more sales


What is it like to work with us?

Spoiler: it's very good. Check out our process:

Before we begin, we'll discover what success means for you. We’ll discover what requirements are needed to reach your goals.

Once the expectations are set, we'll set up a strategy meeting to dive deep into your brand's current pain points, goals, and design ambitions.

In this step, we'll deeply analyze all the data you have from your current store. We'll use collected data about your customers' behavior and attitude to improve their shopping experience and satisfaction.

After understanding the goals of your website, we'll start with a sitemap, and moodboards and continue with wireframes and actual visual design. During this step, we will cooperate with you closely to stay on track with your expectations.

Right after the design approval, we'll build an accessible and responsive website with a technology that we chose together during the strategy. We'll also make sure that website is totally search engine optimized!

We deliver long-term solutions, so we need to make sure that everything works as expected. You will be able to test everything using the demo store before we launch!

When the whole website is approved, we'll launch it on the hosting environment. The website will be available on the desired URL so everyone can use it!

You will be able to modify the content of your website yourself, and we'll make sure you and your team learn how to do it.

If by some miracle it happened that you are not satisfied with our work, tell us what you want to be changed, and we'll do the updates absolutely for free.

It never happened to us, but if we are unsuccessful in completing those revisions within 20 days, a full refund will be issued.

We want to make sure that your store will have the highest conversions possible. We offer you to get full store support and ongoing Conversion Rate Optimization after going live.


minimal conversion rate increase per store

6,000+ hours

of redesigns and CRO


years in the industry


client satisfaction

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When you work with a Shopify agency, you get the opportunity to acquire all the services you need without searching for different specialists on job-searching platforms. Once a Shopify agency’s team gets your Shopify store at their table, they “scan” it for errors and site speed deficiencies. So, your store is audited, and there can be found many additional issues you hadn’t known about before.

In other words, with the qualified work of the Shopify agency’s professionals, your Shopify store will get improved even better than you could expect. Secondly, with an agency, you can count on the negotiated terms of work, while with freelancers this aspect might have more unexpected outcomes.

Each business's needs are different, so due to variations in scope, pricing from one website to the next can be quite different. Our typical end-to-end Shopify store design & development for smaller brands start at $1500. For bigger projects, depending on the number of requirements and project complexity, the price can go up to $10000. It includes Figma design templates, full Shopify store setup & integrations, and website copy.

Still don't know how much your project will cost? Contact us for a quote!

Similar to questions regarding website cost, the timeline will vary greatly based on the scope of your project. Typically, our end-to-end Shopify store design & development process takes around 2-5 weeks to complete.

Do you need your project done faster? Contact us and let's discuss a possible solution!

Yes! With our data-driven Conversion Rate Optimization process, we can improve your store and make it sell more.

How? First, we analyze your existing data - everything we can get about your customers, website pages, and activity. Then we make assumptions about what and how can be improved and test them. Based on the results, we choose the best solutions for your website and get them live.

When can I see first results? It can vary greatly, depending on how your current website is built. If there are some obvious improvements on the website, they can be implemented for a few days. On average, the first results can be visible from 1st month to 3-5 months.

If you think that your website doesn't match your brand or is outdated, consider doing a full website redesign.

If you are not sure if you need our services, you can get a completely FREE review of your website. We will break your website down from the user experience perspective and specify what exactly can you improve to make it better. Basically, you will have a PDF with a list of possible issues on your website and suggestions on how to fix them.

A website audit is a perfect way to start improving your business. Feel like you're ready? Then order your free website audit.

We conduct a deep analysis of your brand, your ideal customer, and the market. We analyze your competitors, determine what will work well for you and how we are going to implement it. We design on Figma and set up the store or a landing page on Shopify or use custom code for that.

You will mostly communicate with Pavlo, the agency founder and lead dev & designer. We use WhatsApp or any other communication platform that fits well for you.

Our success is the success of our clients. We're fully transparent about what we do and how we charge. We are a team of responsive and empathic people that enjoys delivering the best results.

Our prices are not cosmic, because we know how much a certain piece of work really costs, without extra.

We are a small team but we dream big. That's we are better than big E-commerce agencies who don't have time for you and treat you as a second-priority client.

You're always a #1 priority for us. That means we will do everything to improve your results and make you satisfied.