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We Help 7 & 8 Figure Ecom Brands Become More Profitable With Conversion Rate Optimization and Landing Pages.

We are a full-service CRO agency that helps brands on Shopify to grow by maximising the value from their Ad spend.

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Trusted by 20+ outstanding brands

Logo of a technology that we are using for website developmentLogo of a technology that we are using for website developmentLogo of a technology that we are using for website developmentLogo of a technology that we are using for website developmentLogo of a technology that we are using for website developmentLogo of a technology that we are using for website developmentLogo of a technology that we are using for website developmentLogo of a technology that we are using for website development

Our promise: get a highly positive ROI (5x-10x) on our services within the initial 90 days or receive a full refund.

After 1000s hours spent on A/B testing and Landing Pages, we know what will work for you.

Case Studies

See below a collection of our most recent projects and the impact that they've made:

The Uzzle portfolio case study
The Uzzle

Conversion Rate Optimization, Landing Pages

View Case Study
Emma Pills portfolio case study
Emma Pills

Data-driven Redesign, Conversion Rate Optimization

View Case Study

Blaq Luxury Hair

Blaq Luxury Hair portfolio case study

Result: Brand New Conversion-Oriented design, optimized PDP. 20:1 ROI on our services

Rating 5/5

"The website was visually appealing, and easy to use for customers, which helped us get more sales and improve website performance.

Pega Agency was flexible, communicative, prompt, and effective throughout the project. Overall, they performed well and delivered beyond expectations."

Blaq Luxury Hair portfolio case study
Cherice Williams

Founder of Blaq Luxury Hair

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Oceanus Swimwear

Oceanus Swimwear portfolio case study

Result: Fully optimized website. Refreshed look & feel. Boosted Conversions by 32%

Rating 5/5

"Pega Agency did a great job optimizing our website. Our conversion rates and overall revenue have grown since working with them.

Their attention to detail and ability to find and solve problems is undeniable. They were transparent in their process and always communicated effectively."

Oceanus Swimwear portfolio case study
Hannah Attalah

Founder of Oceanus

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Into Gaia

Into Gaia portfolio case study

Result: Brand new design aligned with brand Balues and Target Audience

Rating 5/5

"Pega Agency`s efforts were met with positive acclaim, thanks to their commitment to delivering high-quality results.

The team was highly supportive and communicative throughout the entire partnership, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor`s customer-centric approach."

Into Gaia portfolio case study
Siobhan-Alexandria Graham

Founder of Into Gaia

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Alinari Firenze

Alinari Firenze portfolio case study

Result: Full data-driven redesign. Added 110% to revenue per customer

Rating 5/5

"Thanks to Pega Agency, the we witnessed a significant boost in website traffic, conversion rates, user engagement, and search engine rankings. We also received positive acclaim from end users.

Pega Agency`s timeliness, consistency, adaptability, and communication were commendable"

Alinari Firenze portfolio case study
Alina Florentia

Founder of Alinari Firenze

View Case Study
Sparkea portfolio case study

UI/UX design, Shopify Development

View Case Study
Matt's Warehouse Deals portfolio case study
Matt's Warehouse Deals

Conversion Rate Optimization

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What our clients say about us

Here are some reviews about our recent work:

What We Do

Here's what we mean by saying "We do CRO":

πŸ“ˆ CRO Strategy

We do everything that is required to increase your conversion rate, AOV, and revenue:

βœ”οΈ Data Analysis
βœ”οΈ Customer Research
βœ”οΈ A/B Testing
βœ”οΈ Landing Pages
βœ”οΈ Conversion Funnel Evaluation
βœ”οΈ Documentation of the Whole Process
βœ”οΈ (Bi)Weekly Performance Reporting

πŸ–ΌοΈ UI/UX Design & Copy

We design beautiful solutions for testing on your website that match perfectly with your brand identity & messaging:

βœ”οΈ UI/UX Design for A/B Tests
βœ”οΈ Full Landing Page Design
βœ”οΈ Responsiveness and Accessibility
βœ”οΈ UX Best Practices
βœ”οΈ Conversion-Oriented Copy
βœ”οΈ All Designs in a Shared Figma File

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Development

We know how to code and ship features & A/B tests. We take care of all the technical work:

βœ”οΈ Custom Code Development
βœ”οΈ Replo Development
βœ”οΈ Feature Development
βœ”οΈ Bug Fixing
βœ”οΈ Website Speed Optimization
βœ”οΈ 24/7 Website Support & Maintenance

πŸ•΅οΈ Get Your FREE Website Audit Now

To get started, we will review your website/landing page for free and show you the exact next steps on how to optimize it.

Here's our 8-step Conversion Rate Optimization process

Successfully tested on multiple successful brands.

We ensure you have everything up and running for data collection and testing.

We set up heatmapping tool, Google Analytics, surveys tools, and make sure they're running properly.

After everything is set up, we set the main KPIs for our CRO process.

We gather data from key data points and organize it for further analysis.

We do deep research on data that we gathered so far, identifying patterns, and revealing new insights. We form hypotheses based on these data points for further testing and implementation.

Along with data analysis, we develop detailed buyer personas representing different segments of your target audience to tailor strategies and messaging accordingly.

After deep research, we generate hypotheses related to website optimization based on the data and buyer personas.

We prioritize these hypotheses based on their potential impact on achieving our goals.

We identify and implement quick wins to get the testing process rolling.

These are the kinds of tasks that have the highest ROI and are easy to implement.

At this stage, we design and develop high-converting landing pages tailored to specific campaigns or products to improve conversion rates and align with the overall CRO strategy.

We continuously A/B test them to make sure they're built in the best possible way.

A/B testing helps us to validate our ideas and determine which of them perform better in terms of achieving the defined goals and KPIs.

It also allows us to gather more valuable information that we use effectively for future improvements.

If needed, we conduct multivariate tests to experiment with and optimize multiple website elements simultaneously.

In this step, we implement the ideas that passed the validation.

We make sure that all those changes are bug-free and not slowing the website.

Continuous Improvement based on Data and A/B tests

We continuously discover new insights, form new hypotheses, and validate them with A/B testing to improve the UX and achieve better results.

Customer Journey Optimization

We analyze and improve the full Customer Journey of your brand: from ads to the payment process.

Aligning Design with the Brand Values

We make sure all the design elements of your brand represent its values and resonate with the target audience.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

While we're working with you, you get 24/7 website support.

Us vs other agencies

Why should you choose us?

It's for you to decide:



Delivers Measurable Results


Has In-House Design & Dev Team


Optimizes for profit, not KPIs


Clear Proactive Communication


Uses Statistics For The Decisions


Charge You a Ton of Money


Hi, I am Pavlo, the Founder of Pega.

With my passion for marketing and technology, I love providing pure value for my clients.

I started as a developer in the Ukrainian IT industry but always had an interest in E-commerce.

Years later, our small team helps ambitious brands achieve the desired results.

We prioritize quality over quantity, choosing to work closely with a select number of clients at a time. We love focus. It allows us to provide the best results.



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