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Maximizing The Value From Your Ad Spend Through CRO & Landing Pages.

We do CRO and build Landing Pages for 7+ figure Ecom brands on Shopify.

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Our promise: We get you at least a 10:1 ROI from our services within the first 2 months of cooperation, or you get a full refund.

After 1000s hours spent on A/B testing and Landing Pages, we know what will work for you.

Case Studies

See below the big wins we got for our clients:

The Uzzle

The Uzzle portfolio case study

Result: +$2,356,677 of Additional Revenue, Increased Paid Media ROI

Rating 5/5

"Pega delivered on time and responded to our needs efficiently. Right from the start we got multiple 5-10% CRO test lifts. Great dev work, too!"

Zach Isaak

Founder of Uzzle

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Matt's Warehouse Deals

Matt's Warehouse Deals portfolio case study

Result: +$675,126 of Additional Revenue, Improved Customer Experience

Rating 5/5

"Guys from Pega care about my business and my results. They make their own suggestions and have a thorough process to implement and A/B test the improvements they make. I'd definitely recommend them for supporting the business growth."

Matt's Warehouse Deals portfolio case study
Matt Brenckle

Founder of Matt's Warehouse Deals

View Case Study

Emma Pills

Emma Pills portfolio case study

Result: +70% in Conversion Rate, Optimized The Website for Paid Media

View Case Study

Blaq Luxury Hair

Blaq Luxury Hair portfolio case study

Result: Brand New Data-Driven Design, Optimized PDP. 20:1 ROI from our services

Rating 5/5

"The website was visually appealing, and easy to use for customers, which helped us get more sales and improve website performance.

Pega Agency was flexible, communicative, prompt, and effective throughout the project. Overall, they performed well and delivered beyond expectations."

Blaq Luxury Hair portfolio case study
Cherice Williams

Founder of Blaq Luxury Hair

View Case Study

Oceanus Swimwear

Oceanus Swimwear portfolio case study

Result: Increased Main Funnel Conversion Rate by 32%. Refreshed Look & Feel Of The Website.

Rating 5/5

"Pega Agency did a great job optimizing our website. Our conversion rates and overall revenue have grown since working with them.

Their attention to detail and ability to find and solve problems is undeniable. They were transparent in their process and always communicated effectively."

Oceanus Swimwear portfolio case study
Hannah Attalah

Founder of Oceanus

View Case Study

Into Gaia

Into Gaia portfolio case study

Result: Brand New Design Aligned With Brand Values and Target Audience

Rating 5/5

"Pega Agency`s efforts were met with positive acclaim, thanks to their commitment to delivering high-quality results.

The team was highly supportive and communicative throughout the entire partnership, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor`s customer-centric approach."

Into Gaia portfolio case study
Siobhan-Alexandria Graham

Founder of Into Gaia

View Case Study

Alinari Firenze

Alinari Firenze portfolio case study

Result: Data-Driven Redesign. Added +110% to Revenue per Visitor

Rating 5/5

"Thanks to Pega Agency, the we witnessed a significant boost in website traffic, conversion rates, user engagement, and search engine rankings. We also received positive acclaim from end users.

Pega Agency`s timeliness, consistency, adaptability, and communication were commendable"

Alinari Firenze portfolio case study
Alina Florentia

Founder of Alinari Firenze

View Case Study

What our clients say about us

Here are some reviews about our recent work:

What We Do

Here's what's included in our done-for-you CRO offer:

πŸ“ˆ CRO Strategy

A smart part of our offer.

βœ”οΈ Customer Research Report (initially)
βœ”οΈ Backlog of A/B Testing Ideas (initially)
βœ”οΈ Continuous Generation of Data-Driven Ideas
βœ”οΈ Continuous A/B Testing That TRULY Moves The Needle
βœ”οΈ Price & Shipping Tests to Increase Profitability
βœ”οΈ Sales Funnels Review and Implementation
βœ”οΈ Transparent Weekly Reporting With Numbers and Statistics

πŸ–ΌοΈ UX Design & Copy

A beautiful part of our offer.

βœ”οΈ UX Design for A/B Tests That Aligns With Brand Identity
βœ”οΈ Copy That Resonates With Visitors
βœ”οΈ UX Design Proven to Work On Other Brands
βœ”οΈ All Designs in a Shared Figma File
βœ”οΈ UX Best Practices

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Development

A technical part of our offer.

βœ”οΈ Shopify Custom Code Development for A/B tests
βœ”οΈ Replo Development
βœ”οΈ QA Done By 3 People Before Pushing Any Changes Live
βœ”οΈ 24/7 Website Support & Maintenance
βœ”οΈ Bug fixing

πŸ›οΈ Landing Page Development

An additional part of our offer.

We build landing pages only for clients who already do ongoing CRO with us.


βœ”οΈ Strategy & Deep Data Research
βœ”οΈ Desktop + Mobile designs in Figma
βœ”οΈ Conversion-Oriented Copy
βœ”οΈ Replo or Custom Code Development
βœ”οΈ Multiple Page Variations
βœ”οΈ Advertorials, Listicles, and Sales Pages

Our CRO process

Every step has been tested and proven over time.

Before we start working with a client, we tend to review their website and any available data (if available) for free.

During this review, we identify bugs, UX issues, and unseen opportunities.

All those findings get compiled into a detailed Figma file which contains insights and actionable next steps.

We do a health check for all the existing tools of our clients and configure them for our needs without breaking anything.

We discuss other tools we need with a client and set them up.

We don't waste any time, and during the first week of cooperation, we build and launch the first A/B tests.

Those tests usually potentially have high returns and require low effort to set up.

To generate big wins for our clients, we need to know everything about their customers. That is where our CRO research process comes in.

We use multiple research methods: analytics analysis, heatmaps and recordings, on-site and post-purchase surveys, science articles, review mining, competitor and market research.

Then we put all our insights in the shared database and a comprehensive report that our clients can access at any time.

It's hard to test based on a bunch of insights. That's why we generate a backlog of testing ideas and share them with our clients.

All ideas are prioritized based on the effort required to implement the test, potential outcome, and other parameters.

We validate those improvement ideas through A/B testing.

This is our main and the most effective tool for learning about the customers more.

Each A/B test is designed, developed, and thoughtfully QA'd by us. We make sure our changes resonate with the brand and don't break anything on the website.

We make sure that each test is TRULY statistically significant and is NOT false positive or false negative.

Through A/B testing, we find the biggest uplifts and the most valuable learnings about the customers that our clients tend to apply in their marketing.

CRO is an ongoing process and can last forever.

We squeeze the knowledge from each A/B test and come up with new and better test ideas based on that data.

We constantly research and learn something new about the customers which gives us an unlimited number of new test ideas.

We push live the changes that have been tested and showed significant uplifts.

We make sure that all those changes are bug-free and not slowing the website.

Very often our clients have a big perspective in creating dedicated Landing Pages for their Ads.

Here's how we do it:

  1. Design LP in Figma first or build straight away in Replo.
  2. Apply all knowledge about the product, offer, and customers.
  3. Get client approval.
  4. Continuously monitor the LP while it's live.
  5. Iterate and test on new Landing Pages.
  6. Create various types of Landing Pages: advertorials, listicles, pre-sell pages, and sales pages

What Our Clients Get

7-figure Revenue Uplifts

A thoughtful CRO program that guarantees the insights and A/B tests that TRULY move the needle.

Weekly Reporting & Honest Communication

Clear and honest weekly reports that include numbers, statistics, and progress updates. Taking feedback seriously & acting on it immediately.

Exclusive Discounts on CRO Tools

We partner with multiple well-known companies in the CRO industry.

24/7 Website Support and Maintenance

We make sure that the website is working properly, and nothing prevents customers from making a purchase.

Us vs other agencies

Why should you choose us?

It's for you to decide:



Delivers Measurable Results


Has In-House Design & Dev Team


Optimizes for profit, not KPIs


Clear Proactive Communication


Uses Statistics For The Decisions


Charges You a Ton of Money


Hi, I am Pavlo, the Founder of Pega.

With my passion for marketing and technology, I love providing pure value for my clients.

I started as a developer and always had an interest in Ecommerce.

Years later, our small team helps ambitious brands to scale profitably.

We prioritize quality over quantity, choosing to work closely with 4 clients at a time. We love focus. That's how we achieve the best results possible.



We can work only with 4 clients at a time. Contact us to reserve your seat.


Leaders of the industry do CRO to get the most value from their marketing spend, increase profitability, and get valuable learnings about their customers.

Effective CRO decreases CAC and increases ROAS. This allows brands to invest more in ads and achieve better returns.

CRO is a continuous process, but first results typically appear within the first three months.

The general Conversion Rate metric heavily depends on factors like traffic quality and seasonality. This is not our primary metric. Instead, we measure the improvements in Revenue per Visitor on certain pages. We constantly seek improvements in add-to-cart rate, cart & checkout abandonment rate, bounce rate, and other intermediate KPIs.

The main success metric for our CRO program is the A/B test win rate. If all winning A/B tests are statistically significant, you can make sure that they positively impact website performance.

We tend to record short Loom videos on how you can check the validity of our results in different tools.

We are honest in our communication and are always in touch with our clients. We encourage our clients to provide honest feedback to improve the whole experience of working with us.

We constantly update our clients in Slack and weekly meetings.

Random optimization ideas rarely move the needle. The ideas that are based on data about the customers DO move the needle.

So we always create our A/B tests based on in-depth customer research.

Our designs are not only CRO-oriented but also look good. Because we know that the better the website looks, the more credibility and trust it creates.

Yes, we take care of the custom code and Replo development.

Our QA process includes 3 people in it.

First, our dev checks the changes he made after finishing the implementation.

Next, the QA specialist checks the changes on multiple devices and browsers, making sure those changes don't cause flickering, bugs, speed, or any other issues.

Finally, we send the preview of the test to our client. If all looks good to him, we push changes live.

If there's a bug on the website, we act immediately and fix it as soon as possible.

We talk to our clients on Slack daily. We share the progress reports in our weekly meeting. If needed, we can easily hop on a call with them in the middle of the week.