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Custom designed jewelry for all occasions.

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Emma Pills is a jewelry brand created by an Australian influencer - Emma Pillemer. They sell beautiful jewelry and accessories online both in the US and Australia.

The Challenge

Emma Pills came up to us with their biggest problem at the moment - the website that looks not on brand and doesn't convert. So the main challenge was to move from a youthful look & feel to a more premium one. It was important to rebuild pages and functionality for better UX and conversions.

Our approach

1. Redesign & Rebuild the website

First, we started a complete website redesign. They had some data about their customers, so we could use it as well to make the website look & feel on brand. Here are some before/afters:

Emma Pills Before/After Emma Pills Before/After
2. Conversion Rate Optimization

The new website was live, and the brand was growing. Redesigns are risky though, and you never know if the new website will work better. So we decided to run CRO for the brand to see what exactly works best for the brand.

Here's an example of the successful A/B test that we've conducted for Emma Pills. In this test, we made the search bar open by default on mobile and added empty search prompts:

Emma Pills Test Results
3. Website Speed Optimization

Even after we rebuilt the website, the speed was not the best. So we decided to focus on increasing the website speed and, made it 2x faster than it was before.


Our CRO efforts resulted in an amazing 70% increase in Conversion Rate showcasing the importance of user-centric design, high website speed, and data-driven approach.

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